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viernes, 30 de octubre de 2015

The Beatles - Complete BBC Sessions Upgrade 2004 (Disc 10)

  1. "so hold tight" (great dane)
  2. I'm A Loser (bbc trailer and pyramid)
  3. "let's have a few, hard facts' (great dane and filler beebs)
  4. Honey Don't (bbc trailer and filler beebs)
  5. "a rare ringo vocal" (filler beebs)
  6. She's A Woman (bbc trailer and pyramid)
  7. "even though it is conceited" bbc trailer
  8. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby bbc trailer
  9. "brother george beatle" (great dane)
  10. I'll Follow The Sun (bbc trailer and great dane)
  11. "records, that's what were here for" (great dane)
  12. I Feel Fine bbc trailer
  13. "i hope you feel fine too" (great dane)
  14. "they're here" (pyramid)
  15. Rock And Roll Music (bbc trailer and great dane)
  16. "like britain only with buttons" (great dane)
  17. I'm A Loser (bbc trailer and pyramid)
  18. outro (pyramid)
  19. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby bbc trailer
  20. "a sort of joint effort" (great dane)
  21. I Feel Fine bbc trailer
  22. "we like the old numbers" (great dane)
  23. Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey bbc trailer
  24. "so to the last number" (great dane)
  25. She's A Woman bbc trailer
  26. "my favouite side too" (great dane)
  27. Ticket To Ride Intro (bbc trailer and great dane)
  28. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby (great dane)
  29. I'm A Loser (great dane)
  30. "double entendre" (great dane)
  31. The Night Before (great dane)
  32. Honey Don't (great dane)
  33. "the producer asked for it" (great dane)
  34. Dizzy Miss Lizzy (apple and great dane)
  35. outro/intro (great dane)
  36. She's A Woman (great dane)
  37. "who leave you as they found you" (great dane)
  38. Ticket To Ride (great dane and apple)
  39. "the one what who never speaks" bbc trailer
  40. "paul's thinking, i'm doing" bbc trailer
  41. ticket to ride edit bbc trailer
  42. "painting buckingham palace" bbc trailer
  43. session talk/ I Feel Fine (false start) bbc trailer
  44. I Feel Fine (single track vocal) filler beebs
  45. session Talk bbc trailer
  46. Honey Don't (edit) bbc trailer
  47. Ticket To Ride (unfettered) apple


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  1. Excelelnte recopilación, muchas gracias, solo una cuestión en los 10 estan las caratulas del nº 1.