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miércoles, 14 de octubre de 2015

The Beatles - Complete BBC Sessions Upgrade 2004 (Disc 2)

  1. "our bill toppers" (yellow dog)
  2. I Saw Her Standing There (great dane)
  3. "...as everything else combined" (great dane)
  4. Do You Want To Know A Secret (great dane)
  5. Boys (great dane)
  6. "their fame it seems has now spread to egypt" (great dane and yellow dog)
  7. Long Tall Sally (great dane)
  8. "nearly all the requests were for their big one" (yellow dog)
  9. From Me To You (great dane)
  10. Money (That's What I Want) (great dane)
  11. Please Please Me (yellow dog)
  12. I Saw Her Standing There (yellow dog)
  13. Pop Go The Beatles (short) (yellow dog and bbc trailer)
  14. "one they didn't pen themselves" (yellow dog)
  15. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby (yellow dog)
  16. "just get your guitar and strum it" (yellow dog)
  17. Do You Want To Know A Secret (yellow dog)
  18. "we got the box, harry" (yellow dog)
  19. You Really Got A Hold On Me (yellow dog)
  20. "a very good imitation" (yellow dog)
  21. "the plastic gets in the way" (yellow dog)
  22. The Hippy Hippy Shake (yellow dog)
  23. Misery (yellow dog)
  24. Pop Goes The Beatles (longest version) (yellow dog)
  25. Too Much Monkey Business (yellow dog)
  26. "love these goon shows" (yellow dog)
  27. I Got To Find My Baby (yellow dog)
  28. "the beatles can take a rest (yellow dog)
  29. "happy birthday to you ringo" (yellow dog)
  30. Youngblood (yellow dog)
  31. "now paul has a go..." (yellow dog)
  32. Till There Was You (yellow dog)
  33. "do you do mickey mouse?" (yellow dog)
  34. Baby, It's You (masterfraction)
  35. "the dark days of 1962" (yellow dog)
  36. Love Me Do (yellow dog)
  37. "all's right will the world" (yellow dog)
  38. A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues (yellow dog)
  39. "better cut down on the jelly babies" (yellow dog)
  40. Memphis (yellow dog)
  41. "happy birthday to paul" (yellow dog)
  42. A Taste Of Honey (yellow dog)
  43. "fingering practice shows dividends" (yellow dog)
  44. Sure To Fall (yellow dog)
  45. outro (yellow dog)
  46. "more for the joy of living" (yellow dog)
  47. Money (That's What I Want) (yellow dog)
  48. "an eye on the pounds" (yellow dog)
  49. "but we promised" (yellow dog)
  50. From Me To You (yellow dog and great dane)
  51. "so see you then" (great dane and yellow dog)
  52. Some Other Guy (pyramid)
  53. "twenty one last week" (pyramid)
  54. A Taste Of Honey (pyramid, beeb and yellow dog)
  55. Thank You Girl (pyramid and yellow dog)
  56. "we don't normally play requests..." (pyramid)
  57. From Me To You (pyramid and yellow dog)

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