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lunes, 26 de octubre de 2015

The Beatles - Complete BBC Sessions Upgrade 2004 (Disc 8)

  1. From Us To You (masterfraction and yellow dog)
  2. "to open proceedings this morning" (yellow dog)
  3. You Can't Do That (yellow dog)
  4. "just a rumour" (yellow dog)
  5. Roll Over Beethoven (yellow dog)
  6. "i don't think you need the telling" (yellow dog)
  7. "what about my book then?" (yellow dog)
  8. 'Till There Was You (yellow dog)
  9. "another oldie" (yellow dog)
  10. "ringo... yup" (yellow dog)
  11. I Wanna Be Your Man (yellow dog)
  12. "i think ringo meant every word of that" (yellow dog)
  13. "...but we know you won't" (yellow dog)
  14. Please Mr. Postman (yellow dog)
  15. "the fellas keep him busy pretty regularly" (yellow dog)
  16. All My Loving (masterfraction and yellow dog)
  17. "i think that loving's readily accepted" (yellow dog)
  18. "it's about rubbish - with drawings" (yellow dog)
  19. This Boy (yellow dog)
  20. "how much singing do you do in this film?" (yellow dog)
  21. Can't Buy Me Love (masterfraction)
  22. "we can't purchase any more time" (yellow dog)
  23. From Us To You (yellow dog) SATURDAY CLUB (4 April 1964)
  24. "stay tuned" (yellow dog)
  25. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby (yellow dog)
  26. "i think he sings quite nicely" (yellow dog)
  27. I Call Your Name (yellow dog)
  28. "lots more from the beatle boys" (yellow dog and beeb)
  29. I Got A Woman (yellow dog)
  30. "was that request really from your mother" (yellow dog and filler beebs and beeb)
  31. You Can't Do That (yellow dog)
  32. "it's ringo's turn" (yellow dog)
  33. Can't Buy Me Love (yellow dog)
  34. "just about everybody has read about the film" (yellow dog)
  35. Sure To Fall (yellow dog)
  36. Long Tall Sally (broadcasts and yellow dog and great dane)
  37. "how about that?" (great dane)
  38. From Us To You (yellow dog)
  39. Whit Monday To You (yellow dog)
  40. I Saw Her Standing There (yellow dog)
  41. "marvellous" (yellow dog)
  42. Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey (yellow dog)
  43. "it could if you weren't so thick" (yellow dog)
  44. I Forgot To Remember To Forget (yellow dog)
  45. outro (yellow dog)
  46. "i hope you're plugged in mary" (yellow dog)
  47. You Can't Do That (yellow dog)
  48. "they did it all right" (yellow dog)
  49. Sure To Fall (yellow dog)
  50. "funny place glos." (yellow dog)
  51. Can't Buy Me Love (yellow dog)
  52. "i'll think i'll have to hit your ringo" (yellow dog)
  53. Matchbox (yellow dog)
  54. intro (yellow dog)
  55. Honey Don't (yellow dog)
  56. outro (yellow dog)
  57. From Us To You (yellow dog)
  58. From Us To You (edit) (masterfraction)

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