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jueves, 22 de octubre de 2015

The Beatles - Complete BBC Sessions Upgrade 2004 (Disc 6)

  1. "here are the beatles in..." (yellow dog)
  2. Chains (yellow dog)
  3. "to all our chainspotter friends" (yellow dog)
  4. You Really Got A Hold On Me (yellow dog)
  5. outro (yellow dog)
  6. Misery (yellow dog)
  7. "dear hot and fruity george" (yellow dog)
  8. Lucille (bbc trailer)
  9. "love and kisses" (yellow dog)
  10. From Me To You (yellow dog)
  11. "brackets" (yellow dog)
  12. Boys (yellow dog)
  13. outro (yellow dog)
  14. "for the last time" (yellow dog)
  15. She Loves You (yellow dog)
  16. "the boys feel a little sad" (yellow dog)
  17. Ask Me Why (yellow dog)
  18. "exciting and smashing" (yellow dog)
  19. Devil In Her Heart (yellow dog)
  20. "they never read out the requests" (yellow dog)
  21. I Saw Her Standing There (yellow dog and great dane)
  22. "good old audrey" (yellow dog)
  23. Sure To Fall (yellow dog)
  24. "for john paul george and ringo" (yellow dog)
  25. Twist And Shout (yellow dog)
  26. "that really is it" (yellow dog)
  27. saturday club theme and intro (yellow dog)
  28. I Saw Her Standing There (yellow dog)
  29. Memphis (yellow dog)
  30. Happy Birthday Saturday Club (yellow dog)
  31. "it could be that they've been listening to saturday club" (yellow dog)
  32. I'll Get You (great dane)
  33. "if you asked for it" (great dane)
  34. She Loves You (great dane)
  35. Lucille (great dane)
  36. "well, there it is" (great dane)
  37. "britain's biggest attraction" (yellow dog)
  38. I Saw Her Standing There (yellow dog and bbc trailer)
  39. "it's almost a year..." (yellow dog)
  40. Love Me Do (yellow dog)
  41. Please Please Me (yellow dog)
  42. "we just called paul over" (yellow dog)
  43. From Me To You (yellow dog)
  44. She Loves You (yellow dog)
  45. She Loves You (unbooted upgrade)

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