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martes, 20 de octubre de 2015

The Beatles - Complete BBC Sessions Upgrade 2004 (Disc 5)

  1. She Loves You (yellow dog)
  2. "you'd never hear the songs" (yellow dog)
  3. Words Of Love (yellow dog)
  4. "beautifuly sung" (yellow dog)
  5. "they can all take five now" (yellow dog)
  6. Glad All Over (masterfraction)
  7. "the three beatlettes" (yellow dog)
  8. I Just Don't Understand (masterfraction)
  9. "well, you ought to" (yellow dog)
  10. "this is ear catching" (yellow dog)
  11. Devil In Her Heart (masterfraction)
  12. "thanks george" (yellow dog)
  13. "postcards to the beatles" (yellow dog)
  14. Slow Down (masterfraction)
  15. "and dead stop, I'm afraid" (yellow dog and beeb)
  16. Long Tall Sally (purple chick)
  17. She Loves You (yellow dog)
  18. Glad All Over (yellow dog and unicorn)
  19. "what box?" (yellow dog)
  20. Twist And Shout (yellow dog)
  21. "dear wack" (yellow dog and masterfraction)
  22. You Really Got A Hold On Me (masterfraction)
  23. I'll Get You (yellow dog)
  24. Ooh! My Soul (masterfraction)
  25. "ooh! my arms" (masterfraction)
  26. Don't Ever Change (masterfraction and yellow dog)
  27. "a modest request" (yellow dog)
  28. Twist And Shout (yellow dog)
  29. "beatle fans the world over have been waiting for" (yellow dog)
  30. She Loves You (fragment) (yellow dog)
  31. "we hate you" (yellow dog)
  32. Anna (Go To Him) (yellow dog)
  33. A Shot Of Rhythm And Blues (masterfraction)
  34. "alright, let's pop!" (yellow dog)
  35. From Me To You (yellow dog)
  36. I'll Get You (unbooted)
  37. "dear john letter" (yellow dog)
  38. Money (That's What I Want) (yellow dog)
  39. "well sir, here you are" (yellow dog and unbooted upgrade)
  40. There's A Place (unbooted upgrade)
  41. outro (yellow dog)
  42. Honey Don't (masterfraction and great dane)
  43. "that was the beatles that was" (beeb and yellow dog)
  44. "all right fellas, roll over!" (yellow dog)
  45. Roll Over Beethoven (yellow dog)
  46. "cut the monkey business" (yellow dog)
  47. Too Much Monkey Business (masterfraction and yellow dog)
  48. "request for 'till there was you" (yellow dog)
  49. Love Me Do (yellow dog)
  50. "he looks a right laff!" (yellow dog)
  51. She Loves You (yellow dog)
  52. "and why not?" (yellow dog)
  53. I'll Get You (great dane)
  54. "sounds like my doctor" (yellow dog)
  55. A Taste Of Honey (yellow dog)
  56. "can't remember him" (yellow dog)
  57. The Hippy Hippy Shake (yellow dog)
  58. "for this week, that's it" (yellow dog)

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