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domingo, 18 de octubre de 2015

The Beatles - Complete BBC Sessions Upgrade 2004 (Disc 4)

  1. "at's your fault" (yellow dog)
  2. Sweet Little Sixteen (yellow dog)
  3. A Taste Of Honey (yellow dog)
  4. "wanna bet?" (yellow dog)
  5. Nothing Shakin' (But The Leaves On The Trees) (yellow dog)
  6. "that momentous year" (yellow dog)
  7. Love Me Do (yellow dog)
  8. "1822" (yellow dog)
  9. Lonesome Tears In My Eyes (yellow dog)
  10. "and the same to you" (yellow dog)
  11. So How Come (No One Loves Me) (yellow dog)
  12. "next week the prize will stand at the beatles" (yellow dog)
  13. "not to mention harry and his box" (yellow dog)
  14. Memphis (masterfraction and yellow dog)
  15. "do you like the flowerpot men?" (yellow dog)
  16. Do You Want To Know A Secret (yellow dog)
  17. "dear wack" (yellow dog)
  18. 'Til There Was You (broadcasts and yellow dog)
  19. "set fire to that lot" (masterfraction)
  20. atchbox (masterfraction and yellow dog)
  21. "something you can't get on the national health" (yellow dog)
  22. Please Mr. Postman (yellow dog)
  23. "back to those old, seasoned campaigners" (yellow dog)
  24. The Hippy Hippy Shake (masterfraction and yellow dog)
  25. "cheerio 'till next monday" (yellow dog)
  26. "let's pop" (yellow dog)
  27. I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Cry (Over You) (masterfraction and yellow dog)
  28. "please make george sing" (yellow dog)
  29. Crying, Waiting, Hoping (masterfraction and yellow dog)
  30. Kansas City/Hey Hey Hey Hey (masterfraction and yellow dog)
  31. "a very romantic title" (yellow dog)
  32. To Know Her Is To Love Her (masterfraction and yellow dog)
  33. do you remember the teddy bears' version?" (yellow dog)
  34. "i've got a terrible nose" (yellow dog)
  35. The Honeymoon Song (yellow dog and masterfraction)
  36. intro (yellow dog)
  37. Twist And Shout (yellow dog)
  38. "that's it again" (yellow dog)
  39. "straight away here's paul" (yellow dog)
  40. Long Tall Sally (yellow dog)
  41. "pally sally" (yellow dog)
  42. Please Please Me (yellow dog)
  43. "what kind of fool am i?" (yellow dog)
  44. She Loves You (yellow dog)
  45. "21 herberts from raynes park" (yellow dog)
  46. You Really Got A Hold On Me (yellow dog)
  47. "didn't hurt a bit, did it?" (yellow dog)
  48. "add this one to your collection" (yellow dog)
  49. I'll Get You (yellow dog)
  50. I Got A Woman (masterfraction and yellow dog)
  51. "a crafty long quickie" (yellow dog)

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