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lunes, 12 de octubre de 2015

The Beatles - Complete BBC Sessions Upgrade 2004 (Disc 1)

  1. "...takes the vocal lead" (unbooted upgrade)
  2. Memphis (unbooted upgrade)
  3. "doing very well for roy orbison" (unbooted upgrade)
  4. Dream Baby (How Long Must I Dream) (unbooted upgrade)
  5. "here now, they cry" (unbooted upgrade)
  6. Please Mr. Postman (unbooted upgrade)
  7. "written by our guests" (unbooted upgrade)
  8. Ask Me Why (unbooted upgrade)
  9. "surely be a spanish classic" (unbooted upgrade)
  10. Besame Mucho (unbooted upgrade)
  11. "rising very nicely" (unbooted upgrade)
  12. A Picture Of You (unbooted upgrade)
  13. A Taste Of Honey (artifacts and yellow dog)
  14. Chains (yellow dog)
  15. Please Please Me (yellow dog)
  16. Ask Me Why (yellow dog)
  17. Some Other Guy (unbooted upgrade)
  18. "it won't be long before they're all over the country" (bbc trailer)
  19. Love Me Do (bbc trailer)
  20. Please Please Me (unbooted fragments)
  21. Keep Your Hands Off My Baby (unbooted upgrade)
  22. Beautiful Dreamer (unbooted upgrade)
  23. Ask Me Why (yellow dog)
  24. "one of the most dynamic groups" (yellow dog)
  25. Misery (yellow dog)
  26. "another of their own compositions" (yellow dog)
  27. Do You Want To Know A Secret (yellow dog)
  28. "that's what we like to see" (yellow dog)
  29. Please Please Me (yellow dog)
  30. "written, recorded and placed at #1" (yellow dog)
  31. I Saw Her Standing There (unbooted upgrade and yellow dog)
  32. "you write songs as well, don't you?" (yellow dog)
  33. Misery (yellow dog)
  34. Too Much Monkey Business (yellow dog)
  35. I'm Talking About You (deflating and unbooted upgrade)
  36. "nobody can live on the same stage" (yellow dog)
  37. Please Please Me (yellow dog)
  38. The Hippy Hippy Shake (yellow dog)
  39. Brian and gerry marsden intro (yellow dog)
  40. From Me To You (yellow dog)
  41. Twist And Shout (great dane and yellow dog)
  42. From Me To You (yellow dog)
  43. Side By Side (yellow dog)
  44. Long Tall Sally (yellow dog and great dane)
  45. "it came in a vision on a flaming pie" (yellow dog)
  46. A Taste Of Honey (yellow dog)
  47. Chains (yellow dog)
  48. "who had the original idea?" (yellow dog)
  49. Thank You Girl (yellow dog)
  50. "that's the track that's selling it!" (yellow dog)
  51. Boys (yellow dog)

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