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domingo, 31 de mayo de 2015

The Beatles - The Beatles Keyboard Book

Descripción del libro: Excellent for piano players in that it shows the exact keyboard transcriptions for a number of Beatles songs. However, there's more than a couple that shouldn't even be in here (like All You Need is Love). Songs like Come Together and Get Back are there just so we can be shown the keyboard solos, the rest of the song (guitar and bass arranged for piano) can be ignored.

Also, there's a number of good piano-based Beatles songs that are absent, most notably Hey Bulldog. Others that should have been included are Sexy Sadie, Honey Pie, and Lovely Rita. Personally, I would have also liked to see Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight. But it's great to have some lesser known songs like Martha My Dear, which have great piano parts.

The book also provides the lyrics and the right key for the vocals above the piano parts if you want to sing along as well. The Beatles weren't fantastic piano players, so the songs in here are quite easy (except maybe the ones Billy Preston plays on) but still a lot of fun.

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