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martes, 3 de enero de 2012

The Beatles - Complete Home Recordings 1963


  1. John tapes Julian and Cynthia (Home TapeJohn Tapes Julian And Cynthia)
  2. Bad to me (DemoAcoustic)
  3. I'm in love (Demo Piano)
  4. Reading from the first book of kings (Bible Readings)
  5. Singing from the book of psalms (Bible Readings)
  6. Asking for directions (Asking For Directions)
  7. Asking for more directions (Asking For More Directions)
  8. Still asking for directions (Still Asking For Directions)
  9. Still asking for more directions (Still Asking For Directions)
  10. Tammy (Home Tape)
  11. Over the rainbow (Home Tape)
  12. Fragment (Home Tape Fragment)
  13. Instrumental (Home Tape)
  14. Fragment (Home Tape Fragment)
  15. Instrumental (Home Tape)
  16. Michelle (Home Tape)
  17. Instrumental (Home Tape)
  18. Instrumental (Home Tape)
  19. Instrumental (Home Tape)
  20. Three coins and a fountain (Home Tape)
  21. Mary, mary quite contrary (Home Tape)
  22. Rockin' and rollin' (Home Tape Backing Track)
  23. Fragment (Fragments Of Dialogue Over Radio)
  24. Rockin' and rollin' (Home TapeHorn And Guitar Overdub)
  25. Fragment (Fragments Of Dialogue Over Radio)
  26. Rockin' and rollin' (Home TapeSecond Vocal Overdub)
  27. Rockin' and rollin' (Home TapeNew Stereo Remix)
  28. Fragment (Fragments Of Dialogue Over Radio)
  29. Listening to music and talking (Home TapeListening To Music And Talking)
  30. Beatle speech (Home TapeBeatle Speech)
  31. Fragment (Home TapeFragment)
  32. Don't bother me (Home Tape)
  33. Don't bother me (Home Tape)
  34. Guitar exercise (Home TapeGuitar Exercise - George: Part 1)
  35. Guitar exercise (Home TapeGuitar Exercise - George: Part 2)

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