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sábado, 31 de enero de 2009

The Beatles - Sea Of Green


  1. Help! (Alternate Mix)
  2. You're Going To Lose That Gir (Alternate Mix)
  3. You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (Alternate Mix)
  4. Ticket To Ride (Alternate Mix)
  5. I Need You (Alternate Mix)
  6. Another Girl (Regular Take 1 RM1 - UK)
  7. Help! (Alternate Mix)
  8. Yellow Submarine (unidentified)
  9. Eleanor Rigby (Alternate Mix)
  10. Submarine Shaped (unidentified)
  11. All Together Now (Take 9 RM6)
  12. When I'm Sixty-Four (Alternate Mix)
  13. Only A Northern Song (Alternate Mix)
  14. Nowhere Man (With a spoken outro)
  15. Medley: Foothills Of The Headland, Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
  16. Sea Of Green (unidentified)
  17. Beatle Speech (Think For Yourself Vocal Rehearsal)
  18. Tiptoe Through The Tulips (unidentified)
  19. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (Alternate Mix)
  20. All You Need Is Love (Regular Take 58 RS?)
  21. Medley: Any Ol' Einstein, Baby You're A Rich Man
  22. Medley: Beatles To Battle, Dixie Trombone
  23. It's All Too Much (Alternate Mix)
  24. All Together Now (Take 9 RM6)
  25. It Must Be Baby Glass (unidentified)
  26. 1964 NME Pollwinners Concert/Introduction (unidentified)
  27. Band Introduction (unidentified)
  28. She Loves You (Concert Wembley)
  29. You Can't Do That (Concert Wembley)
  30. Twist And Shout (Concert Wembley)
  31. Long Tall Sally (Concert Wembley)
  32. Can't Buy Me Love (Concert Wembley)
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