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martes, 2 de septiembre de 2008

The Beatles - At The Royal Variety Performance


  1. Introduction By Dickie Henderson
  2. From Me To You
  3. She Loves You
  4. Till There Was You
  5. Twist And Shout
  6. I Feel Fine
  7. I'm Down
  8. Act Naturally
  9. Ticket To Ride
  10. Yesterday
  11. Help!
  12. From Me To You (Fade In)
  13. She Loves You
  14. Till There Was You
  15. Twist And Shout
  16. From Me To You
  17. I Saw Her Standing There
  18. All My Loving
  19. Roll Over Beethoven
  20. Boys
  21. Till There Was You
  22. She Loves You
  23. This Boy
  24. I Wanna Hold Your Hand
  25. Money
  26. Twist & Shout
  27. From Me To You

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