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lunes, 4 de agosto de 2008

The Beatles - The Lost Paris Tapes

  1. Beatles Interview At The Bourget Airport
  2. If I Had A Hammer Trini Lopez (not The Beatles)
  3. Robert Marcy's Comments
  4. From Me To You
  5. This Boy
  6. I Want To Hold Your Hand
  7. She Loves You
  8. Twist And Shout
  9. Robert Marcy's Comment Again
  10. I Saw Her Standing There
  11. This Boy - Only the annoucment and the start of the intro riff.
  12. Twist And Shout - A very enthusiastic audience (no shouts, only hand claps and singing along)
  13. From Me To You - Liner notes indicate that this track is incomplete.. I think a better word would be "abbreviated" (the tape seems complete but the song is halted while the audience is shouting "Une autre ! Une autre !" which means ... Encore !)
  14. Long Tall Sally - Unbooted before
  15. From Me To You - What we hear is either the end of a longer performance or a complete performance that is early abbreviated.
  16. From Me To You


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