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martes, 8 de enero de 2008

The Beatles - Unsurpassed Masters Vol. 4 (1968)

Demos, outtakes, and unreleased versions from 1968- recorded during the White Album sessions. Also includes versions of several successful singles.

1) Lady Madonna
A comedy routine preceding take 3, take 3, and take 5, recorded on February 3 and 5, 1968.
2) Across The Universe
Take 8, remix 2, known as the "Hum's Wild" mix. Recorded and remixed just before their trip to India, on February 4-8, 1968.
3) Brian Epstein Blues
A studio outtake by John with some lyrics about Epstein, shortly after his death. Recorded on July 19, 1968.
4) Hey Jude
Las Vegas TuneTake 7, recorded without George presumably due to some comments made by Paul. Features some mocking vocals by John and some studio chatter. The take ends and Paul starts singing a ditty known as "Las Vegas Tune". Recorded on July 30, 1968.
5) St. Louis Blues
A version of the short song also known as "I Hate To See", recorded on july 30, 1968.
6) Back In The USSR
From the 'Peter Sellers Tapes', take 6, remix 1 with a longer jet intro, recorded on August 23, 1968.
7) Rocky Raccoon
From the 'Peter Sellers Tapes', take 10, remix 1, recorded on August 15, 1968.
8) Wild Honey Pie
From the 'Peter Sellers Tapes', take 1, remix 6, recorded on August 20, 1968.
9) Mother Nature's Son
From the 'Peter Sellers Tapes', take 26, remix 8, recorded on August 9, 1968.
10) Sexy Sadie
From the 'Peter Sellers Tapes', take 117, remix 5 with an unedited instrumental coda, recorded on August 21, 1968.
11) Don't Pass Me By
From the 'Peter Sellers Tapes', take 7, unknown remix featuring an additional verse and instrumental, recorded on July 12 and 22, 1968.
12) Yer Blues
From the 'Peter Sellers Tapes', take 16 and 17 with remix 3 and an edit piece, recorded on August 14, 1968. First song on second side of 'Sellers' tape, so there is some drop outs.
13) Good Night
From the 'Peter Sellers Tapes', take 34, remix 6, recorded on July 22, 1968.
14) Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey
From the 'Peter Sellers Tapes', take 12, remix 1 with some extra unedited vocals and sound effects, recorded on July 23, 1968.
15) Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da
From the 'Peter Sellers Tapes', take 23, remix 21 without the chirping birds sound effects, recorded on June 11, 1968.
16) Blackbird
From the 'Peter Sellers Tapes', take 32, remix 6, recorded on August 23, 1968.
17) Not Guilty
From the 'Peter Sellers Tapes', take 102, remix 1 (although Anthology notes that nowhere near that many takes were attempted), recorded on August 12, 1968.
18) What's The New Mary Jane
Take 4 with overdubs - an incredibly unlistenable mix of sound effects and drug references that was dropped from the White Album in favor of "Revolution 9". Recorded on August 14, 1968.


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